AI-equipped 3D Tracking and Visual Inspection System KITOV

Leave these problems to KITOV!

  • Fixed camera cannot capture inspection points
  • Texture and material properties are deceptive and undetectable
  • Cannot keep up with specification/process changes and high-mix low-volume production
Visual inspection vs. conventional fixed camera vs. KITOV
Visual inspection Conventional fixed camera
+POINT ■ Detects difficult defects in a short time
■ Experience improves inspection skills
■ Capable of inspecting at a constant quality and speed in the process of mass production of a single product
-POINT ■ Inspection quality varies depending on the physical condition of the inspector
■ Variations in inspection quality due to individual differences
■ Difficult to hire
■ It takes time to acquire skills
■ Not compatible with full product inspections
■ Difficult to handle various shapes and materials
■ Not suitable for small-lot, high-mix production lines

What KITOV can do!

Visual inspection systems that have faced a variety of challenges up to now are KITOV solves the problem!

  • Streamlining inspection setup operations

  • Rule-based and deep learning combined highly accurate detection

  • Pendant-less robot teaching with auto-scan

  • Maximize imaging capability with robotic arms and multiple lighting

  • Collect more accurate data with 3D inspection

  • Flexibility through superior AI

  • Additional inspection functions can be added

  • Supports small-lot production of a wide variety of products

  • Traceability with image data

Changing Appearance Inspection! KITOV Quality

Strength of KITOV
  • Hybrid image processing

    ・Achieving image processing that combines the best of rule-based and deep learning techniques

  • User Interface Easy to Operate

    ・Robot teaching from PC without pendant
    ・Check search results on touch panel

  • Advanced shooting ability

    ・Robot arm and multiple lights

  • Compatible with various defects to be inspected

    ・Flexible features and high versatility

Hybrid Image Processing

Unique image processing quickly detects defects

Hybrid image processing that combines rule-based and deep learning reduces over-detection

Advanced imaging capabilities
  • ■ Smart optical head with 5 light sources

  • ■ Efficient 3D tracking by robotic arm

    Easy teaching to set optimal shooting and checkpoints

  • ■ Multiple lighting patterns for precise shots

    Multiple lighting patterns are used to clarify and detect abnormalities

  • ■ Automatic optimization of captured images

    Automatic selection of the most efficient shooting route

Easy-to-operate user interface

【Easy-to-understand settings and results display】

  • List of Inspection Results

  • Defective area thumbnail

  • Detailed defect location indication

【Operation Flow】

Acquire product information by bending in or 3D scanning,
and set up the necessary information on the screen. No special knowledge is required.

  • STEP1Import 3D CAD

    Enter the size of the product to be inspected in the software

  • STEP2Data capture by 3D scanning

    3D scanning of good products and capturing the basic product data

  • STEP3Creating 3D Models

    Create a 3D image model of the good based on the imported data

  • STEP4Set inspection points and items

    Specify on software the points you want to inspect

  • STEP5Set thresholds

    Set image processing parameters to detect defects

  • STEP6Start inspection

    Start automatic inspection

Support for various defects to be inspected
  • Flexible solutions for various products
  • Improved inspection efficiency for a variety of industrial applications
  • Multiple patterns available

【Defect detection examples】

  • ■ Server

  • ■ Base

  • ■ Toolbox

  • ■ EV Power Booster

  • ■ EC Power Booster

  • ■ Jet engine

  • ■ Blade

Flow of Introduction

  • 1. Products

    Learn about KITOV, its products and technologies, and case studies.

  • 2. Consultation and Hearing

    Hearing of inspection requirements and proposal of contents and direction of test evaluation.

  • 3. Trial Evaluation

    Receive samples of good and defective products and evaluate whether they can be detected or not according to your requirements.

  • 4. n-increase evaluation (Extended number of verifications)

    If the test evaluation is "good", we will increase the number of inspections, collect data, and confirm accuracy (this service is available for a fee).

  • 5. Ordering and delivery

    Delivered after order placement. Please consult us for operation support, maintenance, etc.

System configuration


KITOV (with swivel table)


External shape W856 mm ×D1157 mm ×H1785 mm
(with rotating table-Reference value)
Mass 350 kg (with rotating table-Reference value)
Power Supply Number of phases Single-phase
Voltage AC200-15% ~AC240+10% V
Detectable Defect Size 0.1mm and the above
Target Work Size Diameter 800mm × Within height 400mm
※ (with rotating table-Reference value)
Target work mass Within 40kg (including the weight of the workpiece fixing jig)
*When using a rotary table
CMOS camera 5 million pixels, color
Angle of view 85mm × 71mm (negotiable)
Ring type LED lighting 1 white light
Bar type LED lighting 4 types of white light


Founded in 2014, KITOV.AI has been a pioneer in visual inspection, providing fully automated visual inspection solutions to a wide range of markets, helping to reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency.
Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that can be operated intuitively by anyone, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning, advanced robotics, and big data analysis.