Our Business

We provide total solution integrating our mechanism, based on our control technology with full expertise on equipment, machinery.

Mechatoronics business group mainly targets production industry for semiconductors and FPD.
We provide integrated "mechatronics" technology from components to control platforms expanding into total systems, combining our
technology to compromise a drive systems such as XY Stage and actuators, and processing technology such as laser. We suggest optimal
solutions with expertise to our customers.


Contorol Technology

Our unique control technology, cultivated as a comprehensive machinery manufacturer, enables accurate and high-precision positioning.


Mechanism Technology

Leveraging our experience in constructing large buildings, we will build a solid "foundation" in the ultra-precision and ultra-fine fields.


Processing Technology

We propose high-quality processing technology by combining the optimal laser and optical system for each material.


Drive Technology

Our uniquely developed linear motor provides stable, high-speed, high-precision drive that is resistant to external factors.

Our Business

  • ・Sales, manufacture and design of precision machine control equipment
  • ・Sales, manufacture and design of electricity, electronic equipment and the application system
  • ・Sales, manufacture and design of various industrial control systems
  • ・Software development and sales

Main Products

  • ・Laser Annealing System
  • ・Laser drilling system
  • ・Precision Positioning machine XY Stage
  • ・Laser system
  • ・Control system for line driving
  • ・Motion components
  • ・Linear motor
  • ・Air actuator

Company profile


2-1-1, Osaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Thinkpark TowerGooglemap

Mechatronics division(Representative)

TEL : 03-6737-2530 FAX : 03-6866-5115

Mechatronics division Sales Department Motion components group

TEL : 03-6737-2530 FAX : 03-6866-5115

Mechatronics division Sales Department Drive System Sales Section

TEL : 03-6737-2532 FAX : 03-6866-5115

Mechatronics division Sales Department Mechatronics Division

TEL : 046-869-2484 FAX : 046-869-2367

Yokosuka Factory

19 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, JapanGooglemap

Mechatronics division Service Department

TEL : 046-869-2459 FAX : 046-869-2367

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mechatronics division

Chubu Sales Office

14-1, Himewaka Meito-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan

TEL : 052-702-5307 FAX : 052-702-3806


Sumitomo Heavy Industries(Shanghai),Ltd.

Room 1301,Xingdi Business Building,NO.1698 Yishan
Road,Minhang District,Shanghai,Republic of China

TEL : +86-21-3462-7660 FAX : +86-21-3462-7661


SHI Electro-Mechanical Systems(Taiwan)Co.,Ltd.(略称:SET)

台湾 新北市 三重区 重新路 三段 81 號 1F
1F,No81,Sec.3,Chung-Hsin Rd.
Sang-chung District,New Taipei City,Taiwan,R.O.C

TEL : +886-2-2987-7071 FAX : +886-2-2987-6733


SHI Electro-Mechanical Systems(ShenZhen),Ltd.(略称:SEMS)

中国 広東省 深圳市 南山区 東濱路4433号 立橋金融中心 A座7楼 703D室
Room 703D, Block A, Well Link Finance Centre, 4433 Dongbin Road,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518000

TEL / FAX : +86-755-8655-3110